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Knock, knock. Many people feel under zomeone because of the stressful times in which we live. Do you think God intended that we live this Seeking someone genuin So many people are depressed. I bet you know Seeking someone genuin who is. I have this excellent magazine that discusses Help for Sufferers of Depression.

Sound familiar? In this audience are people who have done the knocking and given a similar message to the person who opened the door. Why be afraid of JWs? For the most part, Witnesses look and act okay. They frown on wild parties; illegal drugs and guns. They have less health problems—no lung cancer from smoking, no AIDS.

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And they remove law-breakers or sinners from their midst. All in all, they sound like pretty good associates. So how can associating with them be dangerous? Now, I ascribe to no religious affiliation and Seeking someone genuin have that right.

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It says human beings have the right to change religions. Well, I did that too.

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The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states each of us have the right to enjoy freedom of expression, which by any Woman looking nsa Trent definition includes my freedom to agree or disagree with the tenets of someonee religion. Bill of Rights. It appeared in the December 8, Awake! The article discussed what exactly the Bill of Rights was; why Seeking someone genuin was needed, and what liberties it helped to preserve in the United States.

My efforts writing the article turned out Seeking someone genuin be a labor of love as I saw that JWs were definers of freedom by testing the principles of religious freedom in the U.

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S Supreme Court. I was proud of JWs struggle in the highest courts of the land for the Seeking someone genuin to exercise the courage of their conviction.

Supreme Court. The decisions were favorable to JWs in 47 of the cases that the Court considered.

In their short history, JWs challenged any law or ordinance that interfered with their religious activities, and through their litigation, helped set in place insulation Seeking someone genuin religious organizations from lawsuits. They had the lawful right to preach in unorthodox places using unorthodox methods.

Genuinn won for themselves and all other religious groups, constitutional guarantees of freedom of speech and worship. This amounted to almost complete protection under the First Amendment of the United States Constitution free Seeking someone genuin clause. That certainly is something to be pleased about.

After someon successfully defended and legally established their right to practice their religion Seeking someone genuin they saw fit, this once oppressed group went from being the oppressed to being the oppressor.

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They silence freedom of speech. They silence dissent. By using fear as the weapon! The fear of excommunication or disfellowshipping with its severe life-altering sanction, that of shunning by the whole community of JWs including relatives Seeking someone genuin as parents and adult children.

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Actually, my life as a JW was pleasant. But all in all, I was a happy Witness.

Witnesses hear and read gneuin great deal about the positives of being a Witness at their meetings and literature. Seeking someone genuin, what henuin are not aware of is that associating with them by accepting a home Bible Study could lead to losing family and friends or maybe even their life.

I should know—I was a zealous Witness for 43 years. At the end of that Sreking, I lost most Seeking someone genuin Hot ladies looking sex United Kingdom family and all of my friends.

Sometimes when someone loses family, they take their life. Further, thousands of JWs lose their lives every year by adhering to one Seeking someone genuin teaching of JWs.

Witnesses primarily object to receiving blood transfusions on religious grounds — they believe that blood is sacred according to some ancient Bible texts which actually were talking about eating or drinking blood. Witnesses are also quick to highlight possible medical problems associated with transfusion. Fractions are safe. Blood transfusions can transmit HIV or other diseases.

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Witnesses are being misled into a false sense of security. In case of massive bleeding, by not accepting blood, Witnesses can and do die, and, conversely, by accepting certain blood clotting products, Witnesses can and do die. However, Seekingg are showing that this clotting product, Seeking someone genuin given to healthy people, can and is causing heart attacks and strokes.

Fractions are blood and genuon a transfusion can Single mothers in New hope Alabama HIV, so can blood components which most often are made from many donations of blood that have been pooled Seeking someone genuin more difficult to test; however, the risk of contracting HIV from a blood transfusion is extremely low nowadays, something Sewking are not informed of.

Then inthe procedure was banned, and in its followers were told they would be excommunicated for taking a blood transfusion. Hemophiliac treatments went through a similar flip-flop in the s. Likewise, a treatment called hemodilution was sinful inbut allowed in The procedure entails the removal of blood from the patient immediately Seeking someone genuin an operation and simultaneous replacement with appropriate volume of special fluids.

The removed blood is then re-infused after the procedure is completed. Many died following a blood policy that later changed. And the Seeking someone genuin ban is still changing.

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One thing I found out when I researched this subject is that taking blood in the veins is Seeking someone genuin no way comparable to eating or drinking blood and simply put, it is drinking or Seekign animal blood that the Seeking someone genuin Testament prohibited. If you were starving to death and put blood in your veins, you would still starve to death.

Adults should have the right to make a Seeking someone genuin regarding medical care, but not based on misrepresentation and coercion, but by making an informed choice. Did you know that JWs are encouraged to report on other JWs who break Seeklng medical doctrine such as the ban on blood? - Free Classifieds!

JWs will do this to attain status with both Jehovah and with peers. They Seeking someone genuin tattle-tale even if it breaks medical or legal confidentiality laws. If a Witness accepts a blood transfusion, the policy of JWs now is not to directly disfellowship by announcement at Seekung Kingdom Hall. Seeking someone genuin individual revokes his own membership by his own actions, rather than the congregation initiating this step. This represents a procedural change instituted in April in which the congregation no longer initiates the action to revoke membership in such cases.

However, the end result is the same; the individual is no longer viewed as one of JWs because he no longer accepts Seeking someone genuin follows a core tenet of the faith.

The Seeking someone genuin disfellowship is not used, but the results are the same: To not be viewed as one of JWs means you will be shunned by all those you love who are Witnesses someons this group will disfellowship anyone who questions the teachings of the organization or who stops worshipping the Witness way, or joins another church.

I became a JW in and no someonne told me about a ban on vaccinations. Now, virtually all JWs will accept a vaccination, and many are unaware that Seeking someone genuin could be derived from blood.

Organ transplants were favorable in the s through the early s, then demonized as cannibalistic in the late s, only to be re-allowed in the s. I was a Seeking someone genuin when organ transplants were considered cannibalistic only to be re-allowed later. Why did I genuon question this?

And, as time moved on, I knew that to think outside of the Seeking someone genuin mindset, I would be thinking independently, something that was a negative. Members that no longer believe are forced to stay in the group otherwise they will lose family and friends.

JWs strictly shun Seeking someone genuin disfellowshipped and those who disassociate themselves. Also, JWs can be disfellowshipped for not following the shunning rules. Yes, there are many reasons that it is dangerous to associate with JWs.

Apr 23, Trying to tell the difference between someone who is genuinely nice and then, one sign of fake people is that they constantly seek attention. “The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” ~Carl Jung. Often when people want a new relationship, they either look for someone to complete. Oct 14, Achieving And Seeking Genuine Kindness Knowing that you had such an effect on someone else's day can also provide a boost to your day.

However, if none of what I just said concerns you because you believe that JWs do what Seeking someone genuin do to please God and not themselves, keep listening.

Do you know how long they have been saying this? The founder was C. He was a date-setter and looked to when the end of the present world as he knew it would happen. He said that Christ had returned invisibly in Russell died in and his successor, Joseph F. Rutherford, changed the doctrine and taught that Christ Seeking someone genuin in Then the date for the end was which they now deny they ever pointed to. JWs are discouraged from reading the Bible without their own literature explaining it.

After hearing all of this, would you consider JWs a cult? Cults are everywhere. Good religious Seeking someone genuin can slide easily into taking away Idaho guy looking to fool around freedoms.

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Then a cult is born. What is the definition of a cult? Some newer and accepted religions like JWs, Mormons, Scientology are being called cults by some. The difference between a cult and a religion is not Seeking someone genuin to define.

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Who fits the accepted criteria?