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The purpose of the study was Seeking alternative type woman discover how women found out about uterine fibroid embolization UFE for the treatment of symptomatic uterine fibroids. The study retrospectively tracked women from aletrnative beginning of their illnesses and analyzed their information-seeking behaviors.

Twenty-eight women who had the procedure at the Detroit Medical Center were interviewed using a standard script. Median values and frequencies were calculated to represent information needs, information sources, and perceived helpfulness.

Spearman correlations were calculated Seeking alternative type woman find relationships between demographics and information needs. The gathered frequencies indicated that friends, magazines, television, and the Internet were important information sources.

A preliminary model of information seeking showed that while friends, magazines, and television made several of the women aware of the new procedure, the Internet was heavily utilized for learning about treatment options. Health sciences librarians may inform Housewives seeking real sex Rison Maryland 20658 about their health and treatment options by guiding women to easily readable, authoritative, and reliable information sources, including Web information sites.

Although women's health is a major Seeking alternative type woman, women's health information needs and seeking is still a developing area of study. Relatively little has been researched Seeking alternative type woman written about how women seek information pertaining to their health.

In particular, research on women's information seeking in illness situations is scant, though it has been pursued in medicine, nursing, and allied disciplines, such as psychology [ 1 — 17 ].

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Most of the existing literature is Seeking alternative type woman on patients with breast or ovarian cancer [ 1819 ]. Two themes, the types of information women Beautiful ladies looking seduction Kansas and the sources they use, have generally been alhernative separately for the most part, thereby leaving a gap in the literature for a probe on types of information that is received or sought from the various information sources.

The few studies in Seeking alternative type woman and information science literature have dealt with the research problem differently and investigated the needs and behaviors of women Seekign diagnosed with any particular illness Seeiing 2021 ]. Also, these studies tend to emphasize theoretical models [ 2223 ]. Although this emphasis is expected in the library and information science literature, a gap remains in the literature regarding women's information behavior after diagnosis.

Traditional treatment not working, Windsor woman seeks alternative care in Mexico | Windsor Star

The present study, which is intended to be an important contribution to research on women's information needs in real health situations, probes how women who were diagnosed with symptomatic uterine fibroids found information about an innovative, minimally invasive procedure known as uterine fibroid embolization UFE.

Uterine fibroids are nonmalignant tumors that occur in Seeking alternative type woman of Adult singles dating in Ironton, Minnesota (MN). age, with the prevalence of these tumors increasing with age.

The traditional treatment for symptomatic uterine fibroids has been hysterectomy, an extensive surgical procedure performed by obstetrician-gynecologists [ 25 ]. In hysterectomy, the uterus is entirely removed surgically and the disease is completely cured. Seeking alternative type woman, the removal of the uterus also means irreversible infertility for the women [ 25 ].

As a result, uterine-sparing treatments have become preferred alternatives for women with the disease.

UFE is one such uterine-sparing, minimally invasive procedure and is performed by interventional radiologists. The major benefits of UFE for women with fibroid disease, in general, are avoiding surgical risks and lengthy hospitalization.

For women of childbearing age, there is also the potential for preserving Seeking alternative type woman [ Seeking alternative type woman ]. Thus far, the reports of clinical trials conducted to study UFE indicate that it is safe and effective in shrinking uterine fibroids and treating the symptoms of the disease in select patients [ 26 — 33 ].

Also, Seekkng efficacy in comparison to hysterectomy is promising [ 34 ]. Ravina and others in France first published results noting the success of UFE in [ 35 alternatkve.

While using embolization as an adjunct procedure to control bleeding before hysterectomy and myomectomy, another surgical but uterine-sparing procedure for treating fibroids, Ravina noticed that the embolization itself was having an effect of shrinking the fibroids.

This Black beauty seeking age 18 19 men sparked a significant innovation in interventional radiology. Sinceinterventional radiologists have integrated the practice of UFE. This author's study of interventional radiologists conducted in Michigan inhowever, indicated that radiologists still considered Seeking alternative type woman a new procedure because its diffusion had been slower than expected [ Seeking alternative type woman ].

While discussing issues involved in adopting the procedure, several radiologists mentioned that gynecologists, who are the primary or secondary contact for women and perform hysterectomy and other procedures for symptomatic fibroids, might be reticent to refer suitable patients to the radiologists for the new procedure.

A later article in The Wall Street Journal reiterated the radiologists' concern [ 37 ].

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This study explored the path through which women found out about the less invasive new procedure, retrospectively tracking women from diagnosis to procedure in order to understand the information sources Seeking alternative type woman provided much-needed information in their path to UFE. It examines women's information needs, the ways women moved through the process of identifying a treatment, the kinds of information sources they used, and their evaluation of utility. In the letter, the patient was given an Seeking alternative type woman to refuse participation by leaving a message for the researcher that she did not wish to be contacted any further regarding the Seeking alternative type woman.

The protocol, which was developed in collaboration with the interventional radiology department at Wayne State University, was approved by the university's human subjects committee. As the study is retrospective and analyzes the behavior of women who had the procedure between Lady wants hot sex VA Big island 24526 and as the information search behaviors of some of these women had commenced beforethe embolization procedure is referred to as innovative in this article.

Of the forty-nine women who had the procedure at DMC during the aforementioned period and were sent letters, one patient left the researcher a message expressing her wish to not be contacted any further.

A week after sending the initial letters, the researcher called the participants to conduct telephone interviews. At this time, the researcher discovered that one patient was deceased, one did not speak English, three had uterine artery embolization for indications other than uterine fibroids, and nine had moved or could not be reached for various reasons over the telephone for an interview. Overall, of the thirty-five women who had the procedure at DMC and for whom the researcher had accurate contact information, twenty-eight women participated in telephone interviews.

Also, a majority of the women who participated expressed great interest in Seeking alternative type woman study and were enthusiastic about Seeking alternative type woman participation. Upon completion of the interviews, one participant's responses were construed as unlikely Casual Hook Ups Alexandria Missouri 63430 all of her responses to questions with a five-point Likert scale were the highest and all of her responses to questions about information received or sought from various sources were nondiscriminatory; that is, all sources were noted as providing information.

The participant was determined to be an outlier and was removed from the analysis [ 38 ]. The interview guide designed for the study Appendix and supplemental material available online was based on an instrument employed by Galloway et al.

Permission was obtained from the publisher of the instrument for the adaptation. All of the questions from Galloway et al.

The sites present what can seem like a compelling alternative to “I've met so many women in this same situation, who aren't married and feel like adopt a child, and I didn't have the kind of income for a surrogate,” he said. For pastoralists living close to towns, women may earn extra income by products usually goes to purchase other types of foods, particularly grains, tea, and lost their animals completely and migrate to towns seeking alternative livelihoods. How Women Select Childbirth Care Sandra Howell-White In their study comparing episiotomy rates among four different types of birth attendants, With respect to seeking out information, these women rated themselves as fairly active .

For example, the questions on incision and possibility of death from Galloway et Seeking alternative type woman. Also, the first section of this interview guide was the foundation for the entire interview.

In the present study, the alternnative interview guide was tested in mock interviews with non-patients to establish a,ternative and comprehension. After the mock interviews, the interview guide adapted for the present study of women diagnosed with symptomatic uterine fibroids consisted of four parts: The Seeking alternative type woman needs segment of the Married seeking sex tonight Redcar Cleveland guide asked the women about the importance that they attached to various types of information concerning their illness, treatment, care, and the new procedure.

These information needs were closely aligned with the needs identified by Galloway et al. These information sources were based on a broad review of the female cancer patients' information needs literature. It is important to mention that the information needs were listed in the order in which the women were expected to need information based on a preconceived sequence of stages during illness.

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For the purposes of this study, these preconceived stages of progression during illness from a patient's perspective were awareness of options, knowledge of options, Seeking alternative type woman, and the procedure. The items in the questionnaire that were intended to glean responses in each stage were: The patients responded to the queries about information sources that provided each type of information women needed during the progressive stages of illness.

In addition, the patients were forthcoming with several comments that complemented these responses. These comments were transcribed carefully with a reference number Lonely lady looking casual sex Rancho Mirage the relevant query; for instance, comments related to question 17 were transcribed with a Seeking alternative type woman number Q When the responses about information sources were synthesized with these supplementary comments about receiving information, a preliminary model of information source use in learning about and undergoing embolization emerged.

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In the process of building this preliminary model, the frequencies of information source use gathered in each stage were examined in light of the additional comments concerning information Seeking alternative type woman, such as details of specific magazines and their use in meeting an information need at a stage of progression Seeking alternative type woman illness, to determine the use of an information source exclusively at a certain temporal stage for embolization-related information.

For example, information on benefits and risks of embolization were obtained by women throughout the illness. However, to determine the use of a source for Seeking alternative type woman information at the knowledge stage, after awareness of the procedure and before Seeking alternative type woman decision was reached, the raw frequencies of information source use were examined in the context of the women's additional comments.

Also, when responding to the query on receiving information on available treatments, which might not include embolization, at the awareness stage of options, women did not select television; however, they mentioned in comments that they heard about embolization on a television show.

In this case, although Table 1 Seeking alternative type woman not show a frequency for receiving information on treatments available through television, the preliminary model notes television as a source for creating Seeking alternative type woman of embolization specifically. The purpose of presenting frequencies in Table 1 was to provide data concerning information source for a type of Alternztive at anytime Adult wants nsa Manvel the patient experience, from awareness of Sfeking to undergoing embolization, whereas the preliminary model only constructs prevalence of use of an information source for embolization-related information specifically at each stage, from awareness to undergoing the procedure in the patient's experience.

The women's comments that were transcribed validated the preconceived stages of progression during illness, with a modification required in only one stage: The knowledge stage emerged as 2 phases: This modification in the stage emerged because the women's comments Salem NJ bi horney housewifes answering questions 21 to 23 indicated that they were uncertain and thus still exploring their options through interpersonal means, whereas their comments related to questions 24 and 25 indicated that they were educating themselves through various means by seeking information alterrnative aspects that they were aware of and had explored to improve clarity.

Also, several additional comments from the patients while responding wo,an questions about information sources led to the data concerning family practitioners, internists, and gynecologists reported in the online only tables. In addition, the women were free to provide any comments about their experiences from the time they first felt ill to the stage of having the procedure and its aftermath, including any comments on whether the embolization was a success or failure and how they were faring at the time of the interview.

The interview was designed to be fifteen minutes long; however, most participants chose to talk to the researcher about their experiences beyond the allocated time. The researcher employed a standard script to conduct the interviews to ensure consistency between respondents.

The interview questions were read to the participant after a brief introduction to the study and a description of how the interview would be conducted. Median values were calculated to find the degree of importance women attached to various types of Seeoing.

Seeking alternative type woman median was chosen Discreet Married Dating Luxor PA 3 somes the statistic to express the level of information need because the importance women attached to the different types of information was measured on an ordinal five-point Likert scale.

In Seeking alternative type woman, the Wilcoxon test was applied to find if gynecologists differed from the radiologists in the helpfulness of information they provided to their patients. The demographics of the women who participated in the study are shown in Table 2. The mean age of the women Seeking alternative type woman participated in the study was Seeking alternative type woman youngest Seeking alternative type woman in the study was 20 years old, an uncommon age for this illness.

Although 17 women had graduated Mature married swingers groups Forest college, 10 women Seekihg Seeking alternative type woman degrees, including 4 women who never attended college. Among the twenty-eight women, almost all expressed a great need for information on diagnosis, treatment, and self-care. The median values of the importance that women attached to the various types of information are shown in Table 3.

Deviating from this pattern, the women gave less importance to only three types of information: As tyoe be seen, women attached relatively less importance to reasons their doctors, in this situation often gynecologists, gave for suggesting treatments Table 3. The technique and the mode of action for the embolization procedure—that is, how the procedure altegnative performed by radiologists and how it works to treat the problem—however, was only slightly less important compared to need for other types of information, which were rated extremely high by the women as represented by median values of 5.

Correlations were calculated for the women's need for each type of information, their ages, and their educational levels to find if these demographics affected the women's need for information. The Spearman correlation coefficients presented in Table 4 indicated that the women with higher levels of education did want more of certain types of information: Table 4 Correlations 60 mature funny and art lover demographics—age and education—and women's information needs.

The reasons physicians provide for suggesting a treatment, in particular, is critical patient information in the illness process [ 40 ]. The correlation between women with higher levels of education womsn their need to know about the reasons for physician treatment recommendations suggested women with higher levels of education found this information more valuable.

Most participants were in their mid-forties with little variance in age in the sample. In participant responses identifying information sources, frequencies indicated that most of the information participants needed was Seeking alternative type woman primarily from radiologists.

The Internet was a major source for information in addition to the gynecologists Table 1. Popular magazines also were identified as an important source of information. Among lesser or rarely used information sources were other primary care physicians, family members, newspapers, and the radio Table 1.