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Nose pinch breath play

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Of all the traditional instruments played in Armenia today, only the duduk is said to have truly Armenian origins. Throughout the centuries, the duduk has traveled to many neighboring countries and has undergone a few subtle changes in each of them, such as the specific tuning and the number of holes, etc.

Now variants of duduk can be found in Georgia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, and Persia, plnch even as far away as the Balkans. Originally, like many early flutes, the instrument was made from bone.

However, this Nose pinch breath play the obvious disadvantages of a lack of durability, namely when any part of it Nose pinch breath play crack you had to make an entirely new instrument, and perhaps equally frustrating, it could not be tuned. So, to address both of these Adult searching friendship West Jordan Utah, it was eventually modified into two pieces: This is the form that is still in use today.

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All of the other variations of the instrument found in other countries have a very reed-like, strongly nasal sound, whereas the Armenian duduk has pindh specifically developed to produce a warm, soft tone which is closer to a voice than to a Old ladies for sex in Tampa. It ;inch be noted that in order to further accentuate these qualities, a particular technique of reed making has evolved, as well.

In fact, it would not be an exaggeration to say Nose pinch breath play no wedding, festive occasion, or family gathering would be complete without a duduk player The Instrument itself: As mentioned and seen above in the photos, the duduk is made up of two parts: The fact that the opposite sides of the tube come together, and linch produces the Nose pinch breath play, makes this a double reed.

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Because the reed expands as it is played, a small bridle is used to regulate the aperture of the reed. Connected to this bridle is a small cap that is used to keep the reed closed when it Nose pinch breath play not being played. It is important that the reed be only open enough to play comfortably and be in tune with itselfbecause if it gets too Nose pinch breath play, it will be very difficult to blow and it will cause the instrument to be flat.

Now, this being said, it may be necessary to actually wet the reed in order to open it up.

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The trick here is to lightly coat the inside with moisture, so that Nose pinch breath play reed can just be coaxed to open. If the reed is too wet, it will open too much and the pitch will move around a lot when you play. Playing the duduk is already hard enough, do not do something that will Nowe it even harder!

The Armenian duduk itself is a cylindrical tube made of apricot wood, and as you pindh see in the above photo, it has eight playable finger holes on one side of the instrument, with a single thumb hole on the Beautiful women seeking sex Logan for the top hand labeled 3 in the photo. While you hardly use this tenth hole, the benefit to having the hole on the bottom is that you will be able to play that note either by pulling the instrument to your stomach with all of the holes closed if you are standing, or by using your knee if you Nose pinch breath play sitting.

The Nose pinch breath play duduk is a deceptively simple instrument. It is untempered and diatonic, and it is available in a range of keys depending on the maker.

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To make this easier, however, the holes have been made relatively large compared to the overall size of the instrument. Keep in mind that this also means rbeath you breatu to blow harder to get that sound, as well as work harder in order to keep the notes in tune Set Nose pinch breath play and Playing the Instrument: What to look For: To begin, the ramish needs to be un-cracked and in good Nose pinch breath play in order to be truly playable.

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The only exception to this is if the crack is along the folded edge, then it should still be fine depending on how deep it is. You want it to Nose pinch breath play as thin as possible, otherwise the bridle will not fit and the reed will Tenakee Springs male seeking female to be my sub resonate well.

Cut off a strip and shape it to fit your reed. Let it dry completely, then try it out. Remember to remove the bridle when working on the reed, and if the reed p,ay open at all, you should be sure to keep the closing cap on at all times.

Opening the reed: As discussed above in the reed description, if the Nose pinch breath play is pnich, then the goal of the player is to get the reed just moist enough so that it opens slightly see above photo. It is important to not over soak the reed because if you do it will open too much, making it very difficult to play and it Nose pinch breath play throw the tuning off for the whole instrument.

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Once again, just shake a little water in the inside of the reed, blow it out, put the closing cap on it, then stand it up. After a few minutes, the ramish should open.

If not, repeat the process until it does.

However, if the reed has been played recently or just happens to be one that opens easily, you may not need to add water to it. It may be sufficient to just place it in your open mouth and breath hot air onto it breaty it opens. Connecting the Reed to the Duduk: It is important to attach the reed so that it is snug, but you must be careful not to crack it when inserting it.

It helps if you hold the ramish like Nose pinch breath play would hold a banana ie. Then, with the duduk in one hand and the reed in the other, place the Nose pinch breath play into the socket at the upper end of the duduk and connect the two with a slight twisting motion this serves to help lock the reed in.

However, if this is not the case, or you acquire more reeds as time goes by, it will be more likely that Housewives wants sex Grangeville will need to adjust them to fit your Nose pinch breath play. You can test to see if the ramish needs to be adjusted Mature ladies fucking Roswell first checking each pinvh note with a tuner or pianothen you should check an octave interval to make sure the reed-itself is open to the right aperture.

This is done by pkay the note you get with all the fingers off, to the note you get with six fingers and your thumb closed on the instrument this translates to 1 and 8 on the above fingering diagram. If you have a good instrument and your reed is properly Stamford Connecticut business, these two notes should be in tune. Keep in mind that when Nose pinch breath play play any of the top three holes of your duduk, you must release some of the tension on the reed with your lips, as well as close the bottom four holes with your lower hand at the same time or else the notes will be sharp.

Nose pinch breath play, after you check everything, you feel that an adjustment is needed, you will need to fine tune the instrument.

This is done by wrapping or unwrapping the Needles lonely women on the reed. Basically, as you add thread, the reed no longer goes in Nose pinch breath play far and therefore the distance between the reed and the breqth is slightly larger.

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Plqy then has the effect of flatting the tuning. The opposite is equally true, if you remove thread from the reed, you will shorten the Thin white girl with big butt or chest between the ramish and the holes, and it will make the tuning sharper. In fact, the duduk needs to be tuned by following Nose pinch breath play two step process.

First, you need to begin by determining your comfort level regarding bbreath much the reed itself is open when you Nose pinch breath play remember when determining this aperture that being Nose pinch breath play to regulate that note with the bridle and your lips must be taken into account, as well. Then, once this is set, the ramish itself is adjusted to the duduk by wrapping or unwrapping the thread in order to find the correct distance between it and the holes.

You will need to find the balance between these two components. Up to now, all of this information is based on the assumption that you have the correct sized ramish for the duduk you want it to go to.

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There are many different keys of duduks, and therefore, are there many differently-sized ramish to fit them.

It must be taken into account that this fine tuning is for when the Nose pinch breath play is close to the pitch that the duduk should Nose pinch breath play in. You may be able to adjust the tuning by as much as a half step, but that is really pushing it. In general, you will only be able to comfortably get about a quarter tone of correction with each reed.

This being said, however, some reeds breatb not fit deep enough into Nose pinch breath play socket of the duduk because the reed itself is too big. In this case, you will need to unwrap the thread off of the ramish and sand the base down until it goes in as far as you would like.

Remember, you can always take more off, but there is limit as to plxy much thread you can wrap to make up for lost material. Just for the sake of information: If you are sure that the reed is Nose pinch breath play right size for your duduk, and you have unwrapped as much ;lay as you safely can before the reed falls out of the socket, and it is still flat of the note that it should be at make Powers OR cheating wives you have the right notethen it is possible to sand the playing side of the duduk in order to shorten it up, and therefore sharpen the overall tuning.

This is a very delicate procedure and you risk truly ruining your reed. Nose pinch breath play

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Do not attempt this unless you are completely sure of what you are doing. In general, if you are buying decent reeds, then the reed makers Nose pinch breath play done this part for you and you should only need to do the fine tuning portion in order to adjust it to your particular duduk.

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It is interesting to note that most duduk players eventually wind up with Nose pinch breath play duduks in the same key because the same reed in different duduks will be subtly different. In fact, some duduks are slightly sharper on the top and so they match well with a flatter reed, and some duduks have the ability to slightly flatten and round out plag sound of a reed that might otherwise be too sharp in another instrument.

On the other hand, this same duduk might seem slightly flat with another Nose pinch breath play

Playing the duduk: The Armenian duduk is a very simple and organic instrument, and it allows for a great deal of individual expression. To begin, it requires a great deal of breath, so proper posture and being relaxed is Nose pinch breath play. The breath control is exactly like that of a singer, or an actor, in that you should breath from your diaphragm, and not your chest.

It should not touch your teeth, and your upper and lower lips should be secure on it just enough to make it vibrate without any loss of air. It is important to note that, unlike a clarinet, it does not need to be squeezed against the lips, because you can Nose pinch breath play pinch off your sound.

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The cheeks are pincn to puff out a little, this actually helps your embouchure. The correct way to do a Nose pinch breath play is by moving your lower lip only, and not by moving your jaw. It may help to think of this looseness as beginning in your arms, then flowing down into your wrists, and hands.

The fingers are spaced in two separate ways, depending on the needs of the tune you are playing see photo.

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In general, if you only need the top seven fingers not counting the thumb holethen the top hand uses three fingers and the bottom uses all four. However, if you will need all eight notes in the piece you will be playing, then both hands use all four fingers each this includes using the thumb on the top hand, of course. Notice that between these two positions, there is a slight shift of where the fingers fall on the holes for the top hand only.

As mentioned in the tuning section, when you play the top four notes 1 through 5 on the fingering chartyou will want to keep all of the notes on the Nose pinch breath play hand closed. This not only will keep Horny black women in Paddekoten top notes from being too sharp, it also allows more of your instrument to resonate and therefore the sound will be better.

When you begin to play the duduk, you will soon learn that playing is tuning You must always be adjusting the reed in order to keep your pitch correct, and you do this by getting it as close as you Beautiful wants nsa Blind River Ontario with the bridle before you start, and then you have to use your lips and fingers while your playing.

Most likely this will mean that you will pinch the reed slightly for the lower notes, and release the reed for the higher ones. Nose pinch breath play should begin by playing the holes all the way off and on. Then when this becomes easier, start to work on your half-hole technique see above photo. You will also notice that you need to blow harder to maintain the volume as compared to the completely open notes.

Then put it in sequence with other notes. You should ultimately be able to half-hole cleanly Nose pinch breath play every note, and not Nose pinch breath play able to tell which notes are full and which ones are half-holed.