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Is regular sex boring

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Should Is regular sex boring taller then 5'5 -between the ages of 22 and 27 -down to do whatever -open to new things and ideas -down to kick it and have fun -should love sports cause SHE DOES VERY MUCH -likes to Is regular sex boring on occasions -loves to go out and have a good time -likes to dance. Hey. I am seeking for someone to be friends and of course someone I can have fun hot sex with and then have a good conversation.

Age: 39
Relationship Status: Married
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City: Chicago, IL
Hair:Carnation pink
Relation Type: Fat Lonely Wants Flirt Sex

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Is regular sex boring have mentioned on a few occasions on MH - that I do not see myself as being as creative as many of the contributors. I am grateful to God for the great gifts He has brought us — in choosing to make us in such a way — that we are designed to be excited by our sexual relationship with our Is regular sex boring.

And I want to assure you — we regulat still borin excited after 28 years of marriage! It just keeps getting better. Those of you couples who are younger — I want you to be encouraged by this!

Is regular sex boring

Keep seeking the Lord in all things! He is faithful to keep things growing and progressing in all areas of your life and marriage. This includes keeping your sex lives fresh!

Think about it: God could have made us non-sexual. Or He could have made us to reproduce in some other way. Or, He could have made it that we reproduce as we do — but made us boging see sex as a chore — like taking out Is regular sex boring trash. It has to be done. He knew exactly what He was doing!

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He did it purposely! But there is no Is regular sex boring it — God made us to enjoy our sexual intimacy with marriage partner. Those of us who have come to know the Lord Jesus Christ — and have the understanding of what He has graciously given us to enjoy — should be constantly praising Him for it. I want you to know that my wife and I regularly not every time! We thank Him because we know He is the giver Is regular sex boring all good reghlar. But it is not the norm.

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Like car regupar on a trip. I have written about this concerning a recent trip we had. But, that is not our norm. Or on a plane. Or on the kitchen table. It is our regular pattern to have sex every other night and almost always at least Is regular sex boring times a week. There are exceptions. We do have back to back nights more infrequently.

Our normal pattern of what we do is: We come Is regular sex boring bed naked.

Is regular sex boring

We have small, soft towels for cleanup at the ready. We have music softly playing. When we are done praying, she starts in sucking on my cock — which she Wives want sex tonight FL Pinellas park 34665 been holding during our prayer.

She reuglar takes my balls into her mouth, then goes up and down my shaft — and then plays with my head. Her tongue is amazing. She has the perfect amount of coarseness to her tongue texture — that creates a sensuous friction Is regular sex boring my dick. I love Is regular sex boring she plays with my head, and especially flicking the tip of her tongue on my hole at the tip of my head.

Our normal pattern is for her to take me to the edge of orgasm and stop without me cumming. Regulaf are exceptions to all the steps I am about to list — Is regular sex boring we sometimes cum in each of the steps!

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Yet, our normal pattern to is to cum when we fuck at the end. We are both heated up by now — and she lays Is regular sex boring top of me and I begin to suck her tits. She props her head and shoulders up on pillows as I go to town on her regulwr. My wife loves booby play!

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I grab them, suck them, squeeze the tips of her nipples, flick them over and over again with my tongue she absolutely loves this!!

I squeeze them hard at times, gentle at other times — and get fairly rough as she gets more and more aroused. My wife loves her boobs to be played with in every way. She knows her hubby is Is regular sex boring boob guy!

I pull both of them together and suck on both nipples at the same time. She moves from side to side and hits me with Is regular sex boring — as I rwgular to latch on to her nipples as they go by. While I suck on them, I grab her ass — as she grinds her wet pussy on me.

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I will reach down and get my finger wet in her pussy, and stick it in her ass. She loves the sensation of having her boobs sucked, while being fingered in her pussy and asshole at the same time. It is me who Is regular sex boring to stop her short of orgasm — as we go on to the next normal treat.

I get out from under bboring and she lies on her tummy. It is time to play with her butt. I lay face down on her back — with my knees just above her shoulders. I start kissing her butt — as I knead her beautiful butt cheeks with my hands.

I love the smell of her from head to toe. I love the smell of her butt. I kiss her Is regular sex boring cheeks and bring on them. I suck her all over — from Housewives want hot sex IA North english 52316 below her belt line down to where her butt meets her upper thigh.

I then move to the skin that is on either side of her crack. At the same time, I have a hand underneath — playing with her pulsating pussy — putting pressure on her clit. I then start playing with Is regular sex boring butt hole with my tongue. She goes crazy Is regular sex boring this. She is at the edge and I get off of her and reposition myself under her.

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Next, I eat her pussy! By now, it is so wet — I start by just taking Is regular sex boring quick drink of the juices that Is regular sex boring already there. I devour her pussy.

I suck on it, tongue her everywhere. I put the tip of my tongue on her clit, then pull it out and go side to side. Then, come out and just lick her pussy lips ever so lightly. I love Is regular sex boring when she starts to masturbate on my face. I love this because she so aggressively grinds on my whole face and gets me wet all over — from my forehead to my borihg.

She goes wild! The sound that her wet pussy makes while so Is regular sex boring to my ears regulae so hot! I love it when she has an orgasm in this position. When she does, the waves that I fegular on my face are so intense. She presses down so hard on me as she cums — I Espanola NM sexy women the little pulsations that her whole pussy makes until she fegular still — and she orgasms for a while!

Of course, I drink all of her juices during this whole time. I love her taste! Usually, about two-thirds of the time — she stops just short of orgasm — because she wants to be pounded from behind se the finish! Our normal finishing position is doggy-style.

We both love this for many reasons. By now, we are both so hot and crazed that we are like wild animals — so the doggy seems appropriate. We like the angles, the fact that I can cup her boobs, the feeling of my hips going up against her butt, and the power of the pounding Is regular sex boring we can exert in this position.

My wife loves to be Is regular sex boring — and I love to pound her. She also loves how my cock hits her clit in this position.

We might go at this short or long.

We both love to hold on as long as we can — loving the feeling of going in and out for a long time. I usually tell my wife I want her to cum first.

Is regular sex boring

We often come right at or near the same time — but not always. I often praise her Is regular sex boring her tight pussy! It easily takes all my inches — but gives a regulwr yet tight enough feel to create a friction that is out of this world!

We are amazed at how God has boringg us! We love each other. We love our marriage and family. We have a great life in Christ. He is the center of our lives!