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Tried many times. Sunday, July 06, Time: Glen Bragg email: Rocky Sears email: Monday, July 07, Time: Hey shipmates! I see a lot of names I recognize Tim Boydstun, I remember all those Friday fun 4 rgv lady you named.

Folks this guy, Tim Boydstun. If I needed anything repaired, stretched, bent, straightened, or manufactured, Tim was the man We, my wife Luisa and I, would love to find them.

Y'all help me if ya' can God bless I need to read about how to join the org Jay Hoegner email: Friday, August 01, Time: Smokin' Joe! Hey, i even got one of the Old Glorys that we flew underway. Brown's name if your are Friday fun 4 rgv lady out there Sir, you probably dont remember the enlisted, but i arrived onboard the JS in late '71 and left in april of ' Saturday, August 02, Time: I dont recall his first name and he didnt Sucking large cock todayfri a nick name.

Horny women chat Khuwi appreciate any leads. Friday, August 08, Time: I believe everyone on ship can remember a story about me and my escapades with authority.

Friday fun 4 rgv lady Dunham email: Saturday, August 30, Time: Would love to hear from any of the old "snipes". Sunday, September 14, Time: Tuesday, September 16, Time: Monday, September 22, Time: Ralph G. Mayhew email: Sunday, September 28, Time: I just found this website dedicated to the USS Joseph Strauss while trying to find a picture of her for ol' times sake.

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I'm mostly interested in stories form other shipmates about "Gravy Train", a campaign during the Quang Tri spelling optional offensive. The Strauss was the first to receive enemy fire and the first to return it. Incidentally, I was one of the first to witness Friday fun 4 rgv lady enemy fire. It was a hot, humid day and I was volunteered to get liquid refreshment Czech Republic girls live the mess deck.

So here I was with a tray of Pepsi's and a coffee, go figurejust stepping out to the weather deck by the yeoman's office with a view of the 'Nam coast of in the distance a couple of miles when all of a sudden three explosions in succession about 70 yds starboard beam.

I Friday fun 4 rgv lady the tray overboard Adult looking nsa Plaistow NewHampshire 3865 sprinted for Mt Funn gained entry just as General Quarters sounded. Any news about the Strauss hitting mines? She didn't really "hit" them, the first went off a hundred or so yds ahead and a bit starboard.

BW ANG!!! The ship lifted a bit but Friday fun 4 rgv lady to the left signifigantly. Fridday E6 bailed and ran down the starboard side. As he entered the windbreaker, the 2nd mine went off starboard beam. The ship really lifted this time.

I had a stereo cassette recorder Friday fun 4 rgv lady Frjday the time and had an outstanding recording of the explosion. The tape has been lost, though. As he the E6 cleared the windbreaker, the wash blown up was on it's way down, and nailed Horny girls Novyye Lipki but good. He did an about face, and re-entered the gunmount a stinking, reeking mess.

The ship "dropped the load", lost all 4 boilers, and drifted for a spell. Power was partially restored minutes later and she limped out to open sea.

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We had a good laugh at that one. Memory fails me here, but Frieay thing we went to Subic for the drydock 'cause the sonar bubble was damaged. But later or earlierwe went in to Kaoshung, Taiwan for major repair to Mt rbv, but I disrecollect how it was Frivay.

It needed a new rammer. Just a tale or two to get off my chest. I'd like to read other versions from shipmates. Tim Zarifis email: Still needs work I'm sure!!! Anyone who remembers me e me. Tim Zarifis. Tuesday, September 30, Time: Greetings Shipmates, Just had to post a few comments about the reunion. Fhn a pleasure to see old shopmates again! The reunion was the best we have attended so far. Although it is a lot of work for a few, it is by far better than the Service we used before!

Many thanks to our hosts, Bill Cain and Bo Lee. It was a wonderful time. Your hard work and long hours really paid off. Thursday, October 02, Friday fun 4 rgv lady If not, is there a resked?

Friday, October Friday fun 4 rgv lady, Time: Edward M. Mckinney, Jr email: Saturday, October 11, Time: Any sonarmen, torpedomen or asroc gunner's mates during that time can E-mail Friday fun 4 rgv lady. We had rhv great group and a good time in Hawaii. I remember when we were in Bremerton shipyard when my apartment was full of many drunken sailors on New Year's Eve.

My wife loved all the egv in our division. Bob Learner email: Thursday, November 06, Time: I remember him supervising the regunning of Mt 52 might have been both mountsI think in Subic Bay, but it might Friday fun 4 rgv lady been Pearl. He was more than happy to help out. Bob Rgc FCO Saturday, November 08, Time: Wayne Clark email: Tuesday, November 11, Time: Al was a member of the crew for Wife wants sex Fort Yates commisioning.

I'd like to get photos of Al and any stories you may want to share. Thank you. Saturday, November 15, Time: Saturday, November 29, Time: Hope all my Strauss shipmates are well.

I have been very upset with the fjn news about the USS C. I floored by the decision to abandon the effort. I have contacted the board of directer and voiced my opposition to this action. I Think the money should be held for future efforts to save Adams or a Adams class ship. I have contacted Bay City Times and I submitted a letter to the editor that will be published.

I urge all my shipmates to do the same. Mike Turso email: Sunday, Llady 30, Time: Hello to all. My name is Mike Turso and my father served some time on the Strauss from He was a BTFN. My father passed away in September of due to a skydiving accident. I am his only Fridxy, and Friday fun 4 rgv lady mom and I are just looking for some possible familiar names that might be still around.

If possible, and if you knew my father, I would love to hear from you. I read on some posts that some people have pictures, I would love to see some pictures of my dad. Sure do miss him, and hope to Girl in line at shoprite 530ish from anyone that may have served during those years. Oh rgc, He was in "B" division.

Thanks alot Mark Lampo email: Wednesday, January 21, Time: San Juan miraculously Frieay down with "night blindness" after his first and only month at sea, and was transferred to the mainland. The Navy insists it's zero's walk on water, be they malingering cowards or drug addicts. Enlisted men are still to be mad an example of. Not much has changed since Churchill said, "I'll give Frriday Naval Tradition in just three words; rum, sodomy, and the lash!

Cary "huff" Huffman email: Tuesday, February 03, Fridwy I have all the signs and never Friday fun 4 rgv lady the Ship all Friday fun 4 rgv lady years I was in. Thursday, February 05, Time: Posting my new email address. Still waiting to hear from any "R" Division bums from '74 to Friday fun 4 rgv lady era.

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Especially any HT's. Freddie, Hop, you out there?

Friday, August 31st Every week, CBS 4 is hoping to find a forever home for a Rio Grande Valley foster child as part of our Luisa is a year-old young lady, who can be a little shy and quiet when you first meet her, When there's an opportunity to head outdoors for some fun, Luisa is ready to go. RGV Boxing Notes: Juarez preparing for second pro fight · San Perlita seniors gearing up for final playoff journey · Boxing Notes: Tapia to fight Friday in Brownsville · Lady Falcons conquer cold, blank Lady Cardinals 1 video. Rgv RGC vipers half court for new Jaguar. 1 video .. Services; All Your Fun In One Place!. Every week, CBS 4 is hoping to find a forever home for a Rio Grande Valley foster child as part of our partnership with the Texas Department of.

Sunday, February 08, Time: Just found this Friday fun 4 rgv lady dgv and read the posted msgs. I was a plank owner as the ass't CIC Officer. Left the ship shortly Hello im discreet fucking we homeported in Youksuka.

Eventually joined JAG and retired in Have many fond memories of getting a great ship started in the Navy. Terry Quick email: Thursday, March 04, Time: My sincerest compliments on your website.

Keeping the memory of the DDG-2 Class alive is an honorable endeavor. I must say this web site just flat out kicks. Painted Rock This huge rock is located on highway 25 in Iowa, and kids used to put obscenities etc. Since the rock Friday fun 4 rgv lady painted like this, it's been left alone. This rock is in Adair County, between Greenfield and I The kid that painted it is a local guy, named Bubba.


This kid is really talented; take a look at it Be sure to scroll all the way down to see all sides of the rock. Sondra email: TheSonOfJohn aol. Monday, March 08, Time: I was just wondering Friday fun 4 rgv lady anyone might have any information about this tray, person or date.

I am in Baldwin Co. Dottie Beasley email: DaBzzzs aol. Thursday, March 11, Time: Samuel H Miller fnu Friday, March 12, Friday fun 4 rgv lady Greg Ralph email: Saturday, March 13, Time: Check out the Strauss in the Greek Navy.

Michael Martin email: Friday, March 19, Time: Hey all!

Just found this website. Brought back lots of memoiies, rescuing the vietnamese refugees, the trip into the sea of Okosk, two westpacs, the Hawaiian we rescued, P. Was Friday fun 4 rgv lady from OS in CIC. Chief Bomar I still hear ya. Made it to Women Hollymead horny in three years and busted down to E-3 in twenty minutes by an Ensign I'll not name but can.

I think it was in Hong Kong he met his end. Go Smokin Joe John E. Arnold email: JArnoldret aol. For Sondra: Sex casual Monroe casual sex personals Duncombe Iowa was the Commanding Officer from August to April I don't know if that is a connection to your tray, but it might be a lead.

Good luck. Leonard Stevenson email: Tuesday, March 23, Time: Tom Higley email: Kenneth Epperson email: Friday, April 02, Time: I found this web site a few days ago and I have enjoyed reading Friday fun 4 rgv lady messages. Served aboard the "Gay Jose" from April of until Febuary of Most of the time I was in first division, If you remember me drop me a e-mail I would enjoy hearing from some of the ole gang.

I'm Bi bbw seeks Orlando Florida suprised he didn't make captian. HA If you have the cruise book from that time I,m in the back roll under the gun barrel.

Tammy email: Tuesday, April 06, Time: I read all the material on your website with great interest. We have been trying to gain assistance with this situation from the VA but we are told because he wasn't "In-Country" he will not receive the compensation he deserves.

It is believed if he can "Prove" he was "Up-River", then his claim will most likely be approved. I have exhausted almost all avenues but I do continue searching different websites in hopes of finding the "Proof" we need. It is sad that Friday fun 4 rgv lady VA has access to this info and we do not, and WE have to prove it!

I thank you in advance for reading this and hope you may have some info. Wednesday, April 07, Time: What is your husband's name?

I served on the Strauss all of 73 and 74 as an Electrician's Mate.

About 4 years ago I too developed Type II diabetes. Is there a trend here? Anyone else dealing with the same issue? Tuesday, April 13, Time: There appears to be many sailors developing these same symptoms.

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We have been told if any ladj you had stepped ONE FOOT on shore or we could prove the ship went "Up-River" which it did you would be covered disability for Type ll diabetes, but because grv can not prove the ship was "Up-River" he will not be covered.

We Friday fun 4 rgv lady told that "Buddy Statements" would be acceptable. Charlie is unsure what rivers and when because of the chaotic nature of the times.

He knows one of the rivers Friday fun 4 rgv lady the Cau Viet but not sure when. Are you aware of any dates or locations that we are not?

Any help will be beneficial to not only Charlie, but many others as well. Thanks so much. Charlie says he remembers you! Welcome Home!

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Friday, April 16, Time: Albert Rodriguez email: Sunday, May 09, Time: Find it here: Thanks, Albert. Friday, June 18, Time: It is a true story that we KO'ed a indian elephant. Would be glad hear from an old shipmate. Bill Leslie email: Was a radioman but also ran with the signal crowd. Anyone serving at that time please e-mail. I get around the U. Anyone traveling to the Coast of Oregon give me a ring.

Had a mean ass chief RMC Johnson. Will check in from time to time Friday fun 4 rgv lady say hi. Will also try to make it to the next reunion. Ride fast and Ride hard. Barbara Wade email: Hi My Dad was on the Strauss, unsure of exact dates, but he was on it when it was commissioned and then onto Viet Nam so about '63 to ' Wade, and lives in Mississippi now.

Would appreciate Friday fun 4 rgv lady from old shipmates. Thanks, Barb. Bob Felber email: Thursday, June 24, Time: Albert Malone Friday fun 4 rgv lady Anyone from WestPac '73 out there? Charlie Bennett email: Wednesday, June 30, Time: My wife found a study on line concerning blue water sailors and exposure to agent orange.

It was done by the Austrailian government and later confirmed by an American University but it escapes me as to which one.

To all interested see for yourself. Tuesday, August 03, Time: I'm looking to contact any of the old FOX division members from John Price JP email: Sandman, got your message. Hear's my e-mail address. Hope to hear from you soon. Edward "Andy" Anderson email: Monday, August Free sex dating washington pasco, Time: Would like to hear from anyone who was on board during those years.

Friday fun 4 rgv lady anyone knowing Billy Albright, Mack Mcdonald.

Thursday, August 12, Time: John P. Friday, August 13, Time: James L. Turner email: Thursday, August 26, Time: For those like me who will have to miss the reunion and will be in Hawaii 18 Sept.

The Navy will commission it newest DDG. Hope some of you Hawaiian retreads can make it. Jim Lester Turner Plank Owner and Tuesday, September 14, Time: I've posted before, but I Looking for advice on relocating to orlando some information.

I was on the Strauss all of 73 and 74 Electrician's Mate. In we made a WestPac cruise - does anyone know the dates we were there or when we left and returned to Pearl Harbor? I'm thinking of joining the VFW and one of the questions they have deals with medals. I would have thought we would have been awarded some Friday fun 4 rgv lady of Vietnam medal for the 73 WestPac cruise. Did we not get there in time to qualify for a medal - I know the Vietnam war was winding down while we were there, but we were still doing escort duty.

Thanks for your help on this. Taylor email: Ryeberto aol. Friday, September 24, Time: What a "blast from the past" accidentally coming across this website!

Brings back lots of memories of my years as a navy wife with the Strauss in Japan. I lost track of them a few years ago. Does anyone have any information re the Mc Vays? I will greatly appreciate any information anyone can offer.

By the way--great website! Monday, September 27, Time: It's great that this web site exists, it brings back many memories. I served aboard the Strauss to in R-division. As we Friday fun 4 rgv lady our experiences, we should take a few moments to remember those who didn't come home from Viet-Nam. An excellent web site to visit is vvmf. Good Veteran's Day Thursday, October 14, Time: Arthur Pashalidis email: Friday, October 29, Time: Hello, to all llady American Horny girls Trotwood Ohio I Friday fun 4 rgv lady born and raised in Australia,at the age of 15 I left " Down Under" to live permanetly in Greece.

I've been Sushi date saturday here sinceand in I was drafted in the Greek navy. It was a great experience and had Friday fun 4 rgv lady the best 4 months of my life. Our ship H. It was sad to hear that H. S Formion Frdiay been decomissioned. I'll never forget all those great memories I had with the ship and in San Diego.

Thanks for everything. If anybody has any photos of those days I would love to see them! Iam trying to get hold of any of the snipes from my era. I heard from Don And Tried to get back in touch with himbut for some reason I do not seem able to connect. I retired from rg Navy in and now am a high school teacher.

Bob Gabby Gaboury email: Sunday, November 07, Time: Just enjoyed reading some of the history that is posted on this web site. All emails from old and new shipmates are well appreciated, I respond to all.

Thursday, November 18, Time: Just viewed Reno nv horny older women.

Swinging. pictures of the 04 reunion, lookes Friday fun 4 rgv lady you had a great time, sorry ggv had to miss dgv. Friday, November 26, Time: Spoonbo or Jim Spooner.

Ray Berilla email: Friday, December 24, Time: Think again.

A study by the Center for Disease Control found that a disproportionate number of blue water sailors who served aboard ships off the coast of Viet Nan have Friday fun 4 rgv lady Orange-related diseases such as non-Hotchins Lyphoma and Type II Diabetes.

I have recently received the following information from a friend and fkn passing it along in Friday fun 4 rgv lady hopes that someone Beautiful couple wants sex Rochester New York help with more information.

After a year of daily research on the subject of "Dioxin" and Agent Orange it has been found that a chemical called "Silvex" was used aboard Naval units operating off shore in the Gulf of Tonkin. Silvex has the same chemical rtv up as Agent Orange Herbicide. Does anyone ever Friday fun 4 rgv lady seeing those little square red cans of "weed killer" aboard any ship afloat. Product name is "WeedOne", having personally spoken to several naval personnel aboard various naval ships at the time the men who worked in water tenders labs, and evaporators.

I'm told by these people that several gallons a day were added to the fresh water tanks to keep down algae growth in the tanks. This particular weed killer contains "Silvex" and Dioxin. I need some actual documentation lwdy notarized statements to attest to the fact this chemical was used aboard ships.

I'm going before Congress after Januaryto testify about the use of this chemical, with additional proof it will enable us to get all the navy blue water vets disability compensation. Let's hear from anyone that has any information. Wednesday, January 05, Time: Aboard '62 - ' GM Division Start: Camden, N J End: Yokosuka Friday fun 4 rgv lady The postings were from Wednesday, January 12, Time: Bruce Phelps Email: Sunday, August 21, Time: Villanueva Vic Email: Fake Certificates.

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