Ladies' Night

Ladies’ Night is a quarterly happy hour for digitally-minded, lady-identifying folk, committed to conversation, collaboration & community.

We're an inclusive community of eclectic lady folk who are ready to take over the world – each in a unique and individual way. We connect with each other as friends, business partners, work wives, and future leaders of the free world. 

The Ladies' Night board is Aimée Reed, Mary Blalock, and Ginger Craft.

We were founded in 2014 by Mary Blalock, Ginger Craft, Stefanie Hatcher, Colleen Purdy, and Jordan A. Smith.

The future IS female and it is also made up of all different creeds, race, genders, sexual preferences, and religions. We need to come together as one to make sure human rights and decency prevail. Aimée Reed
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